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Morning LIght

Words in anticipation, The first song to start the day off The ritual of coffee gathering,  hustling, fresh face, clean teeth Which shoes to wear? What time is it? Where is my phone? Stop. Pause. The light, it invites, did you notice? a new day,… Read More

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There are moments when you run out your back door and try with all your might to capture what your eyes behold, and yet the experience can not be caught or recorded.  Some things in life were meant to be just that… experienced!  This moment… Read More

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Wanderings and Wonder

In your wanderings don’t forget to Wonder!  There are those moments when you must stop dead in your tracks. Those times when the very sky you look upon was grander than you realized, and it seems to demand your attention even if but for a… Read More

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When You Must Dance!

And there are those times when you simply must dance.  And us four looking foolish dancing right there in the kitchen…we spun the vinyl.  All of the spinning spun the hard stuff right out.  Because sometimes it’s just plain hard, and it’s how we respond… Read More

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I find in many of my wanderings that there exists “Love notes”  in my every day.  They wait only to be found,  like a hidden treasure.  In celebration of the week of Love – might I  share some of my favorite photographic love notes?  Those… Read More

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  An early morning capture of all things beautiful!  Being out on the road often prompts my creative eye, and the wonder that surrounds. Living in a colder climate your eye has to be open to seeing beauty in a different way in the winter… Read More