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A Beautiful Life

The world needs more beauty…. And we are a beautiful song, a poem of God “Beauty has a way of sneaking past defenses and speaking in unique ways.” Beauty can draw others into Grace,  so as I sat to reflect on the beautiful life song…Life… Read More

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When a mom watches heart-break and disappointment she picks up the pen and begins to write, the writing of my words seem to do a work all of their own. I let them soothe the ache and breathe life upon my mothering heart. Dear girls… Read More

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“Give me the young man who has brains enough to make a fool of himself” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson It is in “foolishness” that I found myself truly alive.  It was in what others looked at and labeled senseless,  that I began to understand a… Read More

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I find in many of my wanderings that there exists “Love notes”  in my every day.  They wait only to be found,  like a hidden treasure.  In celebration of the week of Love – might I  share some of my favorite photographic love notes?  Those… Read More

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Love’s Anchor

I had listened to the song 100 times.  The song that reminded me that even when it’s deep,  when I feel my feet can’t touch bottom,  my soul is anchored.  It had almost become a daily ritual,  seemed I began to hear it everywhere I… Read More