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When a mom watches heart-break and disappointment she picks up the pen and begins to write, the writing of my words seem to do a work all of their own. I let them soothe the ache and breathe life upon my mothering heart. Dear girls… Read More

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When I walked out of the door of my office today two little kids with shovels clearing away what was left from yesterday’s snow, stood. Bundled up head to toe in snow suits shoveling as best as two young children know how. Until recently I… Read More

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If ever there was a time to sit and contemplate,  to breathe in my existance, and to exhale and let go of all else, the time seemed now. Under the tree with leaves all golden and the glory of light all around.

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In season

There is something calming about the fall air,  It’s as if it’s okay to sigh,  settle in a bit.  It is a new season.  A season of harvest,  and our lives are much the same,  we journey through season’s.  But how often do we allow ourselves… Read More

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“Give me the young man who has brains enough to make a fool of himself” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson It is in “foolishness” that I found myself truly alive.  It was in what others looked at and labeled senseless,  that I began to understand a… Read More

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Morning LIght

Words in anticipation, The first song to start the day off The ritual of coffee gathering,  hustling, fresh face, clean teeth Which shoes to wear? What time is it? Where is my phone? Stop. Pause. The light, it invites, did you notice? a new day,… Read More

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Making Space!

  Spaces. Every day we have the opportunity to decide what to make space for.  I am wondering why we are so quick to make space for, anger, fear,  and anxiety?  For shaming ourselves, for doubting ourselves, and overworking ourselves. We each are given the… Read More

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Don’t Stop Now!

    This ‘thing’ that I have entered into now,  is bigger than me.  It is beyond the small,  It is out in the wide open spaces.  I am no longer in my safe sheep’s pen.  I took the shepherds invitation, and I feel Him… Read More