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A Beautiful Life

The world needs more beauty…. And we are a beautiful song, a poem of God “Beauty has a way of sneaking past defenses and speaking in unique ways.” Beauty can draw others into Grace,  so as I sat to reflect on the beautiful life song…Life… Read More

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In season

There is something calming about the fall air,  It’s as if it’s okay to sigh,  settle in a bit.  It is a new season.  A season of harvest,  and our lives are much the same,  we journey through season’s.  But how often do we allow ourselves… Read More

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“Give me the young man who has brains enough to make a fool of himself” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson It is in “foolishness” that I found myself truly alive.  It was in what others looked at and labeled senseless,  that I began to understand a… Read More

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She has done what not many have. She has seen the day  her 100th year of life and almost 101.  I seat myself beside her. If you have lived this long,  you may have some wisdom to impart. Their is noise all around.  I lean… Read More

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There are moments when you run out your back door and try with all your might to capture what your eyes behold, and yet the experience can not be caught or recorded.  Some things in life were meant to be just that… experienced!  This moment… Read More