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When You Must Dance!


And there are those times when you simply must dance.  And us four looking foolish dancing right there in the kitchen…we spun the vinyl.  All of the spinning spun the hard stuff right out.  Because sometimes it’s just plain hard, and it’s how we respond in those times that count. In the end the family that dances together stays together!

I hope you dance this weekend friends!!

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Constraint Leads to Creativity

As I looked out my window,  fogged over from the cold,  the ground all covered in snow and ice, I immediately looked to the sky.  Crystal blue… and beautiful.   It all set me to pondering on something I had heard recently,  “Constraint leads to Creativity”. If this is right,  constraint could actually be an invitation to creativity,  depending on how we respond to it.  So naturally I snapped a photo,  this was an invitation to be creative with what I saw.  An invitation to see beauty.

image (15)

I could feel the cold of the day and the feeling of constraint that comes with that.  I thought how this can send one about  grumbling, But how  children seeing opportunity are actually making snow hills, and building snow men, seemingly numb to how wet and cold they are. They instead are focused on the opportunity,  the fun,  and creating of adventure.

image (16)

As I reflect upon this more,  it seems the most inventive times in our history were times where the thinking  was, where there is a will there was a way?  It seems this is  a way of  looking at the possibilities instead of the impossibilities

I have realized that when living with all of life’s   conveniences at hand we can tend to live a little less… creatively.   To not  focus so much on what we do not have at the moment.  To think of what we can do with what we do have,  invites to a more creative way of life, and often times a more satisfied way of living.   I myself am learning to let go slowly of the word “can’t”,  when am faced with what would seem like a mountain of constraint.  When I  hear myself utter these words, I grit my teeth and began to redirect my thinking.  It may look different,  it may have to be done different,  but,  in the end isn’t that what creativity is all about?  I believe we are all given the ability to create, and  In the Creator Himself I see endless creativity.  Just maybe a constraint in  life be just the thing  needed to make way for creativity.  Creativity it seems,  leads to an exploration of life abundant and beauty seen from a different perspective.

I would love to hear how constraint has led to creativity in your life!

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I find in many of my wanderings that there exists “Love notes”  in my every day.  They wait only to be found,  like a hidden treasure.  In celebration of the week of Love – might I  share some of my favorite photographic love notes?  Those moments that captured my soul and I gave way to being captivated.

image (3)image (6)

image (8)image (12)

image (11)

image (14)

image (10)

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Love’s Anchor


I had listened to the song 100 times.  The song that reminded me that even when it’s deep,  when I feel my feet can’t touch bottom,  my soul is anchored.  It had almost become a daily ritual,  seemed I began to hear it everywhere I went — only, it served to remind me what my soul was anchored to.  That in the midst of the shifting and change Love himself anchored me.


In times when it seems the earth quakes,  I am in need of what my soul,  my truest self is anchored to,  something that will keep me from being carried away by the very tide I stand in the midst of,  when my nerves give way.   And then… that’s when I find love won’t let go,  for I would truly drown otherwise.  In the midst… Love meets me,  Love anchors me,  Love doesn’t let go,  and I have found the anchor for my soul.

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Climbing fences

image (7)

Running with my daughter,  giggling like a school girl, climbing fences,  and trying not to get caught in the barbed wire – in the moment I realized how good it felt to play like a child again.  How fun it is to fling your arms wide open to wild abandon, let the wind mess up your hair,  go ahead no one is looking!

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image (4)


An early morning capture of all things beautiful!  Being out on the road often prompts my creative eye, and the wonder that surrounds. Living in a colder climate your eye has to be open to seeing beauty in a different way in the winter months.  This is one of my favorite shots so far this winter.


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Adventure of a Different Sort ?

Here we are,  it’s 3 in the morning,  pulling ourselves out of a warm slumber.  It’s almost shocking,   Yet,  there is something daring to it all,  “I dare you,  just see if you can do this!”  The air,  still,  cold,  blinking yellow,  the traffic lights are still in sleep mode.   Who would get themselves up at this hour for such a menial task and a few bucks?   Yet…Yet,   can all seemingly menial tasks become great when embraced with gratefulness and spirit of adventure?



In the midst of it all,  my mind drifts to those less fortunate,  maybe even those in countries less prosperous than my own.  Would they see this as menial or of lower value?  My attention is directed to the family of four,  their car has seen better days.  The kids barely awake,  and seem to still be in their pajamas .  Loading paper stacked into the trunk until it will barely close and then the kid helps his dad bungee cord the trunk closed.  All windows down, obviously too cold for it but it looks as though they may be stuck that way.  Is menial to them,  or does this put food on the table?

Bleary eyed,  we roll,  stack,  and bind with rubber bands until the papers are roof high.  Off we go with head lamps and addresses.  Mr. Jones want’s his paper inside of the door.  Mrs. Smith ask’s you not to walk across her grass,  Mr. Brown only want’s his on Sunday, and so on.


image (5)



We quietly deliver from door to door running at times, I feel like a kid sneaking around in the dark.  He reaches out and grabs my gloved hand,  and this is us in the early morning before dawn.  Finding Joy in the moment, I laugh to myself at the foolishness of it all.  Up at dawn,  delivering the news,  running around and holding hands – and it’s all adventure,  just of the different sort.


image (6)


It all calls for two pieces of Quiche and coffee in the end.  All of life is adventure,  in the fullness of each moment live your’s.




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Woven on the Wind

image (5)The evening sky stopped me straight in my tracks.  A Wyoming evening sky.  The land of wide open spaces and rugged wildness.  A land I am from,   woven on the wind. Raised by earthy parents,  that is,  parents who would rather be outside than in.  Carried on their backs in the original backpack carrier,   sure to no longer pass the safety test of our time.  But really,  we loved the daring adventure of it all.


I remember the old green ford pickup truck,  and Ruby the red vizsla a hyper active dog.  Dusty hiking boots,  and blue bandanna’s tied around our dirt and wind-swept faces.  Water canteens and always a hiking stick.  Exploration was a way of life,  not something for another day,  another time.

IMG_5209370652243~2Looking through the window of my inheritance,  I can see the very fabric of wonder woven into myself.  That desire to explore,  turn over the rocks,  and watch the sky.  The very land here lends itself to a wild ruggedness,  and I realize it has had an imprint on my soul no matter where I go.  And although we often complain of the wind,  it is the wind that causes shifts and change, and that of which I was woven in.

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Glad to meet you!

Yes, hello 2015, I do not believe we have met,  but I am glad to venture in.  With great anticipation I look forward to getting acquainted with you.  I have packed lightly, I so desire to run and be free from unnecessary entanglements and anything that would keep us from progress.  I hope not to miss all of the hidden treasures that may lay ahead of me so I keep my eyes wide open.  I know you will have many unexpected opportunities to bring my way,  and I stand ready to greet them.  I know with great affection you may bring things my way that scare me a bit only to reveal my strength.  I quite like that.  You will challenge me in new ways and dare me to risk, but without risk there is no adventure,  so risk,  I must have. So I welcome you 2015, glad to meet you shall we get started?

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Life’s Pursuit!!


When I stepped foot back onto this cold winter ground head all in a daze,  Life began to swirl around me in a different sort of way.  If Life,  as Helen Keller says is a “daring adventure or nothing”,  How was I going to live in that daily?  The truth is, I really believe it is.  My adventure lingers on always calling me forth, even while I am back to my stomping grounds.  It is true,  I was on the beach feeling the grit of the sand wear off and smooth down the rough edges of my soul.  I felt the beach breeze run it’s fingers through my hair and loved the mess of it.  But it only begins there.  I take these soul imprints forward with me.  The walks on the beach with my Creator an ever-present tryst in my memory.

image (1)

I am now looking at the beautiful patterns,  the art work the frost displays on my door and my adventure takes on a new face.  We we are made for worthy pursuits, knowing that there is a deep sense of meaning to all that life brings.  And I can not stop the pursuit of living life’s adventures when the weather changes.   I have also changed with it,  and living in that change and out of it presents a new experience all together, a “soul” adventure.    So I unpack my recent adventure and I wear it in a new way,  because parts of it are needed for the next one –  and really,  we are not made to sit around and wait for life to happen.  We were made to explore a worthy pursuit. What’s your’s? I’d love to hear.


Happy New Year Adventures My Friends!