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A Beautiful Life

The world needs more beauty…. And we are a beautiful song, a poem of God “Beauty has a way of sneaking past defenses and speaking in unique ways.” Beauty can draw others into Grace,  so as I sat to reflect on the beautiful life song…Life… Read More

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When a mom watches heart-break and disappointment she picks up the pen and begins to write, the writing of my words seem to do a work all of their own. I let them soothe the ache and breathe life upon my mothering heart. Dear girls… Read More

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In like Flynn



I’m in like Flynn, down like Jackson Brown!  Somehow it all came to a  head.  A year of building , not the kind of brute force building but that inner building of strength.  I have always had a fond affection for strength sports, the feel of the cold steel bar gripped tightly in my hands has in some ways given me great satisfaction,  and a tight grip equals a tight core.  So when I literally lost my grip a year ago due to injury I had no idea I was setting out to find and rebuild my “core”.   Traveling through 2000 miles I drug heavy ship chain, sand bags, and a few vintage metal weight plates in the car.  Somehow knowing I could continually work on my outer strength while my inner  seemed to face a breaking point,  anesthetized the ache.

But this is only a small piece, I remember in High School struggling with the fact that really I loved weights I loved strength, but that ‘s not for girls.  So in turn,  it wasn’t something I openly would admit too.  And people have made their comments, suggesting that somehow a strong woman is out  for a good fight.   I have struggled with this image through the years, trying not to fit in any one box.  I love to write, I love flowers, I love to wear pink sometimes and…. I love weights.

Something beautiful has occurred in my life however,  like when the sun has just set and meets the ocean for a few moments of indescribable beauty.  Through the growing pains of the last year,  there has been an inner strength birthed.    Planted as a seed it has only been through hard ship, more hard ship, dedication to move forward, and perseverance that I can see it coming out to meet and join my outer strength.  And my daughter whom I have looked at with such poise and grace,  said it straight at me ” Mom that is your beauty.”  And so it is that strength has it’s own beauty, only it is missing something if the core, the” true strength” has not been braided together with it.  I find it not  pushy and conceited but rather it is born through humility and grace.   Weakness is opportunity for strength  born afresh in a life.  And Strength Himself has shown me yet again,  he has heard my heart and grew it stronger.

So I find myself staring down a power lifting meet in two weeks.  For me it is a testimony, not to weigh and measure myself against another, judge and be judged.  But a celebration that “I am enough” who I am in this moment is all that is needed.  A celebration of coming through the breaking process  and letting it do it’s work, because something “new” always comes from that.  You are “Enough” I am “Enough” right where you are in this moment.  So I am all in, in like Flynn

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The kid gets it My girl whose name means Beloved, gets it,  she is learning to walk in her namesake.  At times as a mother you wonder and you watch,  you wait, you hope, because you know you didn’t always walk out the Grace you… Read More

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When I walked out of the door of my office today two little kids with shovels clearing away what was left from yesterday’s snow, stood. Bundled up head to toe in snow suits shoveling as best as two young children know how. Until recently I… Read More

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If ever there was a time to sit and contemplate,  to breathe in my existance, and to exhale and let go of all else, the time seemed now. Under the tree with leaves all golden and the glory of light all around.

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In season

There is something calming about the fall air,  It’s as if it’s okay to sigh,  settle in a bit.  It is a new season.  A season of harvest,  and our lives are much the same,  we journey through season’s.  But how often do we allow ourselves… Read More

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“Give me the young man who has brains enough to make a fool of himself” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson It is in “foolishness” that I found myself truly alive.  It was in what others looked at and labeled senseless,  that I began to understand a… Read More

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She has done what not many have. She has seen the day  her 100th year of life and almost 101.  I seat myself beside her. If you have lived this long,  you may have some wisdom to impart. Their is noise all around.  I lean… Read More