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A Beautiful Life

The world needs more beauty…. And we are a beautiful song, a poem of God

“Beauty has a way of sneaking past defenses and speaking in unique ways.”

Beauty can draw others into Grace,  so as I sat to reflect on the beautiful life song…Life poem, which was my Grandma’s , it was beauty I saw.

It was a sonnet filled with color and Grace. I saw each handwritten card,  the times of dancing to Christmas records in July,  the rides in an old silver Ford for Ice Cream with my little brother,

And I saw God

It was time spent together on bended knee praying for each other and knowing an answer would come.

And I saw God… I saw Love

It was her fond affection for lovely colorful clothing and having the table set just right

And I saw Beauty

It was her desire to learn something new even at the age of 92

And I saw Beauty…Wonder…Grace

It was all the friends she kept close, and her family even closer

And I saw Love…Goodness…Kindness

It was her willingness to forgive seventy times seven, to not hold a grudge, to always believe God would make a way

And I saw Hope

It was times my brother and I would tease her and laugh

And I saw patience

It was her infectious laugher, a laughter I can never forget

And I saw the Laughter of God

It was the times she was knocked down and got right back up again

I saw Faithfulness

It was the oil paintings she painted and the joy she had in those

And I saw Beauty

It was the pot roast potatoes, cottage cheese and pears

And I saw the invitation…come to the table

It was the times I spent listening to stories of living through the Great Depression and saving the money for chicken on Sunday

And I saw perseverance

It was the importance of a Valentines Day card, Christmas or Birthday card even up until this Valentines Day

I saw Grace…I saw Love

It was her firmness, but yet,  the way she still loved

It was all the quotes that keep running through my mind: “Life is strange with it’s twists and turns,” “Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow,” ” Lean not on your own understanding”

It was the way she anticipated life,  lived it,  an extraordinary bold living to 102

And I saw Goodness… I saw Hope…

It was the fact that even if I was not able to see her for a while we picked up where we left off. She encouraged me…invited and inspired me to live fully in my gifts

I saw Grace

It was how she knew she would never be abandoned or forsaken and how she would quote Romans 8:28 and Philippians 4:19

It was when we would quote Isaiah 41:10 to each other

“Do not fear for I am with you

Do not anxiously look about you for I am your God

I will strengthen you, surely I will help you

Surely I will uphold you with my Righteous right hand”

I saw God…I saw Love

Yes Beauty like this could save the World, I have seen it!

So I hope you see it too, how beauty is here in this world, because when you see it, when you truly see it you have seen God, Who IS Love

I saw my Grandma,  I saw Beauty,  I saw Love himself and the amazing-ness of Life.

I saw, felt and heard the whisper of Grace a tapestry of the colors of Grace and  Love that can never be separated, that never gives up and gathers us into loving embrace and carries us on….into our next adventure

Yes,  Beauty like this could save the World.

*Brian Zahnd`s book,” Beauty Could Save the World” was inspiration for this writing.

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