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When a mom watches heart-break and disappointment she picks up the pen and begins to write, the writing of my words seem to do a work all of their own. I let them soothe the ache and breathe life upon my mothering heart.

Dear girls listen in…..

It is written ” Yet those who wait…” those who wait… who are embraced by the very divine dance of the trinity,  yes those, us,  you,  all. we will gain new strength.  I saw it there your broken and disappointment and I felt it for you. I wanted to pick up the broken pieces and hold them for you. Dear girls know that holding on to the broken only keeps the broken holding on.  It is when we open our hands and give from the broken places healing comes in, and strength is gained a beautiful strength.

Yet those who wait, may not live in castles and have the finest of clothes but are clothed with dignity and. Not because they deny the brokenness but because they gave from it.  And fear will try to knock you down fear, will try to bully you. ” Did you really think you could succeed?” It will fling in your face. Yet those who wait will run, run right through. Because those who wait learn the way to handle fear is to go straight through and on the other side , you,  will walk, you will walk and not faint, Yet those who wait…

And  waiting is a braiding ,a braiding of the divine in you,  living through you.  So my girls lean in,  wait, because in waiting there is life.  And give from your broken places and keep your hands open, clinched fists choke, choke  out life. The holding onto sorrow and fear will choke your very life away.  Know that what has been woven into you,  can never be taken away. Give your gift lay it down from there and only from there will it multiply.  What you give away multiplies.

So sorrow and disappointment will not have the last say because it is love, yes love that will lead the way. And yet those who wait…


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