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The kid gets it

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My girl whose name means Beloved, gets it,  she is learning to walk in her namesake.  At times as a mother you wonder and you watch,  you wait, you hope, because you know you didn’t always walk out the Grace you meant to. And sometimes it took you longer to forgive than you realized,  and you too are still growing in it all, but hope that She gets glimpses of it. That she gets glimpses of what life is really meant for.

And on Christmas night she choose Love. She has learned that to let go with what you are holding in your hand that one $20 bill that could buy a little gas to get to school, or coffee, or new music.  Because she has met the giver of all gifts, met Him in her own heart. And she has learned there is always an abundance. When you give what you have been holding tightly, when you loosen your grip, the grip you have on your own soul,  your heart increases and makes room for more, more of Him…more of love. For more giving and receiving. And she gave words, wrote them down, scribbled them on a napkin. Words that might echo, there is hope, Love is here, Love is FOR you!

I am learning too, being challenged, stretched to make room.  And once again I am taking notes from a child.


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