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When I walked out of the door of my office today two little kids with shovels clearing away what was left from yesterday’s snow, stood. Bundled up head to toe in snow suits shoveling as best as two young children know how.

Until recently I have allowed my high opinion of myself to not take too kindly to the wanderings about of these two.  Why aren’t they in school?  Why are they running around all over the building?  I am trying to run a business here.

That’s when I had to stop. I had to stop and realize that maybe just maybe there was opportunity here. And maybe opportunity to share love to share life, doesn’t always look like the client that walks through the door, maybe it is the annoying kid knocking at your door for the 100th time. Maybe opportunity is and quite possibly could be dressed in rags, or in this case snow suits.  I stopped dead in my tracks. Really what is important here? I decided to share what I had received with them.  More important than me bringing home an extra buck was two kids knowing that they were appreciated, noticed, that what they were doing mattered. No,  money doesn’t buy love but it seemed an important gesture, and sharing what you have received from another goes even further if you turn around and do the same.

It is sometimes those that annoy you the most who are giving you the greatest opportunity to live free from your own demands on life. Opportunity to love, to risk, to accept and to embrace grace where love know’s no boundaries.

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