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In season

InstaSize_2015_8 _ 278273There is something calming about the fall air,  It’s as if it’s okay to sigh,  settle in a bit.  It is a new season.  A season of harvest,  and our lives are much the same,  we journey through season’s.  But how often do we allow ourselves to be in the season we are in before we are looking ahead to what is next?  Each season has a purpose,  a reason.  Fall leads into winter and time of rest for nature.   We too need the season we are in,  it is what will lead to the fruit new growth and exploration.   But you can not have one without the other first.  It is okay to remain in this season.  There are new discoveries  made,  there are purposes  are fulfilled.  Be where you are enjoy the season, enjoy the moment.  Allow yourself to let go of last season and it’s comforts and bravely enter into what this time may offer.

I look all around and all is new for me.  I shake a bit and stumble  but I desire to move with the rhythm of life. To laugh at the days ahead and grow old gracefully,  to see the color in each day and to know adventure is not in the destination but in each and every moment of life. A new season awaits.

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