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“Give me the young man who has brains enough to make a fool of himself” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

It is in “foolishness” that I found myself truly alive.  It was in what others looked at and labeled senseless,  that I began to understand a greater meaning to my life.  It was in risk that I began to understand that if I risk nothing,  I risk everything.

I hope that we might all enter into a bit of foolishness.  If foolishness is found in daring to believe in something bigger,  in daring to believe there is more,  and pushing forward even when you can’t see it, than be foolish.   If foolishness is risking to love even when it is not received, be foolish.  If foolishness is daring to journey into the grief of another if only to bear the load for a time,  be foolish.  If foolishness is taking courage when all circumstances say take cover,  flee, save yourself,  be foolish.  If foolishness is laying down your own comforts only to comfort another,  be foolish.  If foolishness is believing in and standing for beauty in the midst of what may appear otherwise,  be foolish.

If foolishness is a willingness to admit when you are wrong,  be foolish and be willing to receive truth. If foolishness is forgiving when it’s hardest,  be foolish.  If foolishness is found in those who are willing to walk the narrow way,  to be brave of heart, to not stumble on their own pride, and to let Love lead the way,  let me be among those counted as foolish.


  1. jazook54

    Interesting that you contemplate foolishness at this time. It is gratifying to be able to have seen the journey from start to finish, and know a safe and happy outcome. One will always learn from decisions made whether others deem them foolish or not. We have an assurance that in it all, God has our back. As a parent however, we have an intrinsic nature to be concerned for our children, whether that shows a lack of faith or just a natural response. The need to protect seems eminent .


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