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She has done what not many have.

She has seen the day  her 100th year of life and almost 101.  I seat myself beside her. If you have lived this long,  you may have some wisdom to impart. Their is noise all around.  I lean in and listen hard. I lean to hear her now faint voice giving way to a whisper. These words have become more important than ever now.  They must be chosen carefully. They may become lost in the clamor all around. There isn’t time for all words, but those that do fall must impart life. And listening must become intentional. Intentional because,  these words will fade into the background if not caught and held.  I must lean in,  listen to what that soft whisper may impart. There’s life for my soul. I want to receive it

Whether it was said or somehow worked its way into my heart. I was reminded.  There is one who does not yell above the crowd and can be heard in gentlest of wind.  You must give your ear,  lean in their are words meant just for your very own Soul. Because only the best words, are these worth leaning for,  only the best words are heard not in the noise but the absence of it!

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  1. jazook54

    These words impart a beautiful story. They are a prose of sorts and make one stop to think. Do we listen to those whispers, or are we allowing the clanging of voices to drown out what is important?


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