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I’m still tripping over boxes here,  trying to figure out how to live in this new space.  It all got me to thinking,  living in a home, and being home are two different things.    True”HOME” is a place of welcoming love, non-judgemental acceptance, and physical affection.  To live in a True home space is to experience these.    But it comes from the inside out.  And I have experienced these without actually being in the physical dwelling of a home.  Would that I would be “home” to others.  To be a safe place for others to stop on their journey,  finding rest for their souls.  To allow them to question God and life without judgement.  To give a hug if needed.  And I can take this expression of Home wherever I go.  Yes, it is a mobile home!

 I am not unaware of the multitude of those out there wandering about,  wondering where “Home” is?   And while there is a need for a  tangible dwelling,  each one of us possess a place inside, a city if you will where we might just provide even for just a small moment , ” HOME” for a wandering soul.    A place of welcome,  comfort,  rest, and possibly a small gesture of affection.  If only we will open the gate to our city,   the door to our home and make space for another .

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  1. jazook54

    This is certainly a place I feel I need. While I speak of not caring, the walls inside that home are crumbling!


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