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Making Space!


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Spaces. Every day we have the opportunity to decide what to make space for.  I am wondering why we are so quick to make space for, anger, fear,  and anxiety?  For shaming ourselves, for doubting ourselves, and overworking ourselves.

We each are given the capacity to invite others into our spaces, to make room for another, to share life.  Not to the point where there is no longer a me and no longer a you,  the space between,  that is a necessary,  A defining space.  But often times we forget we have that space,  and it is quickly filled by something other than… another.  Or we may have stipulations on that space. And the stipulations fill up the space and there is no room for another.  Or they may be allowed a visit and kicked out to be replaced with stipulations again.

I know this all too well, I have lived this.  It has been a year now.  My family and I we have not had space of our own,  a place to call home.  Or have we?  As others have hurled words of discouragement at me I have a choice,  make space for that to lodge deep in my soul, or,  make an even bigger space for Hope.  I choose to clear space for HOPE.   Just when it would seem that space is very limited,  that there is no breathing room,  I find within myself the very capacity an entire “home” full of spaces.  And I realize that all to quickly my spaces need some expanding and remolding.   And Grace knocks at the door, welcome in my friend I’ve made space for you.  Space is a gift we have been given,  what is filling your spaces?


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