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Let it Go!

20140907_115502Hello little blog it has been a while, I’ve missed you.  Things haven’t been quiet it’s just that in this new season of life I have to fight to have this time with you!  A break in the clouds and today words came.  And here they are.  It is good to be back!

This is what it is to meet the lover of my soul.  I felt a pull to this little table by the window. The sun shinning on it in a way that beckoned me. I get my coffee and sit in what feels like a deep breath. This time, this table feels like its  prepared for me waiting for its 8: 00 arrival.  It feels right, feels good.  And I know it is you, you welcome me.

The thing with stillness is, you forced to , realize where your heart is.  I suppose that is why so many divert from the practice.  I sit in the stillness  Frank Sinatra is serenading me from the speakers, and yet it is woven into this stillness as a beautiful part of it.  I begin to think of all I have screwed up,  words that have been un-life,  not life-giving that have fallen from my lips moments of discontent, fatigue,  anger and restlessness.   But then ,  the lover of my soul meets me in this sunny spot,  He is wooing me, not interested in the baggage I want to bring up.  He had invited me to drop it all.  Drop it all and just be loved.  I want to come up with some reason as to why this can’t be.  He, he won’t have it.  Should we not just sort through this mess.  A silent,  but it feel it, “Leave it”.

Truth is,  once invited to the table,  Love melts it all away.  Love won’t have anything in the way of the expression of Love. No heights, nor depths, nor darkness.  I feel all the tension subside my body relaxes, This I don’t want to fight.

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