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Don’t Stop Now!



This ‘thing’ that I have entered into now,  is bigger than me.  It is beyond the small,  It is out in the wide open spaces.  I am no longer in my safe sheep’s pen.  I took the shepherds invitation, and I feel Him with me, It’s just there are times where what was once considered safe, isn’t anymore.  What was  ‘safe’ I now find kept me small,  it kept Him small.   When I go about looking for my new ‘safe’,  that place where maybe I won’t have to step forward – where maybe I can hide a little, I find it not,  all I find are wide open spaces. image (20)

Oh I longed for those wide open spaces don’t get me wrong.  But that is exactly what they are, and in them all that you have learned up to this point is suddenly worked out.  Wide open has to become the new ‘safe’.    You look down at your feet each day and say, ” are you ready to make steps forward again? ”   You learn,   in the wide open spaces,  going back is not an option.  I suppose I could lay down,  give up,  but I have grown to the point where I don’t want to.  I don’t want to lay on the floor of the valley,  I want to walk through.    The shepherd is always in front of me only, He is also allowing me to choose a lot of my steps.  This quite frankly is scary,  I find a little more trembling with each step,  a little more caution.  But,  I know it is right,  it is good!  So I speak it to myself, ” Take courage dear heart, take courage.”



  1. jazook54

    I suppose it might be time for us to step out completely, but I know that fear engulfs us both!

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    • Yes, the fear seems bigger. It’s stepping through the fear and as you do, seeing that there is something greater in you. And it is only in those times where we really get a chance to see what has been in us all along only now coming into bloom.

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    • As a beloved teacher said recently…” It is on the floor of the valley of the shadow of death where the pearls of Truth are picked up.” Going through the valley’s are a must in order to see what is right true and good.


  2. Bryden, you can’t even imagine the timeliness of your words for me today. And your comment about fear… Your words are a blessing. Thank you so much for posting. And prayers for you and your wide-open spaces.


    • Thank You For Your Kind words. We do have to enter into things that may scare us a bit. It is really through those times that we realize we are fully alive, and fully loved.


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