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The Passion That Drives Us!


I missed it!  I wasn’t able to write last week and well….I felt a part of me missing.   I am driven to write,  words,  sentences,  paragraph’s,  stories begin forming on the inside of my head,  waiting to tumble out.  I can’t help it,  I am not even sure I write that well,  but I must.  In fact if I don’t,  there is a part of me I feel… I have lost touch with.  You could say it is a passion of mine.

Passion,  it is what drives us.  It is what we must do in order to be whole.   The definition of Passion in which comes from the Latin verb patoir,  means to suffer and endure.  So,  something that drives and sustains us in the face of yes…  suffering.  If this is the case,  than it is worth the inconvenience.  It is worth giving up some of our comforts to experience the exploration of what we are passion about. To risk and have suffered in the midst of it,  is far better than to not have taken risk at all.

My family and I sold our home,  my husband left a 13 year career,  we packed all we had and headed out for a 2000 mile journey for five months.   We are not sorry a day that we did it.  We were passionately driven to experience more Life.  There were many hardships,  but all of them worth it.

It has all led to further exploration in all of our lives of what drives us,  what is life-giving for us.  The risk even though there was loss was far worth the cost. Passion is worth the cost.  Here I am writing,  a big risk, sharing my photography,  but I am passionate about it.  I won’t be seen or heard by millions but in my little world of influence if I even inspired one brave soul….it has been worth the risk!

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