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Constraint Leads to Creativity

As I looked out my window,  fogged over from the cold,  the ground all covered in snow and ice, I immediately looked to the sky.  Crystal blue… and beautiful.   It all set me to pondering on something I had heard recently,  “Constraint leads to Creativity”. If this is right,  constraint could actually be an invitation to creativity,  depending on how we respond to it.  So naturally I snapped a photo,  this was an invitation to be creative with what I saw.  An invitation to see beauty.

image (15)

I could feel the cold of the day and the feeling of constraint that comes with that.  I thought how this can send one about  grumbling, But how  children seeing opportunity are actually making snow hills, and building snow men, seemingly numb to how wet and cold they are. They instead are focused on the opportunity,  the fun,  and creating of adventure.

image (16)

As I reflect upon this more,  it seems the most inventive times in our history were times where the thinking  was, where there is a will there was a way?  It seems this is  a way of  looking at the possibilities instead of the impossibilities

I have realized that when living with all of life’s   conveniences at hand we can tend to live a little less… creatively.   To not  focus so much on what we do not have at the moment.  To think of what we can do with what we do have,  invites to a more creative way of life, and often times a more satisfied way of living.   I myself am learning to let go slowly of the word “can’t”,  when am faced with what would seem like a mountain of constraint.  When I  hear myself utter these words, I grit my teeth and began to redirect my thinking.  It may look different,  it may have to be done different,  but,  in the end isn’t that what creativity is all about?  I believe we are all given the ability to create, and  In the Creator Himself I see endless creativity.  Just maybe a constraint in  life be just the thing  needed to make way for creativity.  Creativity it seems,  leads to an exploration of life abundant and beauty seen from a different perspective.

I would love to hear how constraint has led to creativity in your life!


  1. Whether it’s poor self-esteem or laziness or just no energy, I’m not sure, but anything I’ve ever done has been under constraint of some kind. I wanted money to comfortably support our family, so I somehow managed to get up and go to work, for example. I love 2Corinthians 5:14 in the Weiss Expanded New Testament: “For the love which Christ has for me presses on me from all sides, holding me to one end and prohibiting me from considering any other, wrapping itself around me in tenderness, giving me an impelling motive. . .” He does that constraint thing all the time, and I love it!


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