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Love’s Anchor


I had listened to the song 100 times.  The song that reminded me that even when it’s deep,  when I feel my feet can’t touch bottom,  my soul is anchored.  It had almost become a daily ritual,  seemed I began to hear it everywhere I went — only, it served to remind me what my soul was anchored to.  That in the midst of the shifting and change Love himself anchored me.


In times when it seems the earth quakes,  I am in need of what my soul,  my truest self is anchored to,  something that will keep me from being carried away by the very tide I stand in the midst of,  when my nerves give way.   And then… that’s when I find love won’t let go,  for I would truly drown otherwise.  In the midst… Love meets me,  Love anchors me,  Love doesn’t let go,  and I have found the anchor for my soul.

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  1. jazook54

    Perfect! What a beautiful and poetic reminder of Whom we are anchored to and how deep that anchor is embedded to keep us upright and unwavering. I love you.


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