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Glad to meet you!

Yes, hello 2015, I do not believe we have met,  but I am glad to venture in.  With great anticipation I look forward to getting acquainted with you.  I have packed lightly, I so desire to run and be free from unnecessary entanglements and anything that would keep us from progress.  I hope not to miss all of the hidden treasures that may lay ahead of me so I keep my eyes wide open.  I know you will have many unexpected opportunities to bring my way,  and I stand ready to greet them.  I know with great affection you may bring things my way that scare me a bit only to reveal my strength.  I quite like that.  You will challenge me in new ways and dare me to risk, but without risk there is no adventure,  so risk,  I must have. So I welcome you 2015, glad to meet you shall we get started?

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