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Life’s Pursuit!!


When I stepped foot back onto this cold winter ground head all in a daze,  Life began to swirl around me in a different sort of way.  If Life,  as Helen Keller says is a “daring adventure or nothing”,  How was I going to live in that daily?  The truth is, I really believe it is.  My adventure lingers on always calling me forth, even while I am back to my stomping grounds.  It is true,  I was on the beach feeling the grit of the sand wear off and smooth down the rough edges of my soul.  I felt the beach breeze run it’s fingers through my hair and loved the mess of it.  But it only begins there.  I take these soul imprints forward with me.  The walks on the beach with my Creator an ever-present tryst in my memory.

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I am now looking at the beautiful patterns,  the art work the frost displays on my door and my adventure takes on a new face.  We we are made for worthy pursuits, knowing that there is a deep sense of meaning to all that life brings.  And I can not stop the pursuit of living life’s adventures when the weather changes.   I have also changed with it,  and living in that change and out of it presents a new experience all together, a “soul” adventure.    So I unpack my recent adventure and I wear it in a new way,  because parts of it are needed for the next one –  and really,  we are not made to sit around and wait for life to happen.  We were made to explore a worthy pursuit. What’s your’s? I’d love to hear.


Happy New Year Adventures My Friends!


  1. jazook54

    I do, so wish, that I could look at life that way. I leave the warmth behind every Spring and return to a place where I do not put that experience on and wear it, recalling the sun on my face. I spend the short summer longing to be back in that “other” warmth. Home does not represent a place of safety or comfort for me. It is a place I want to open the door and run from, as fast as possible. I want to escape to that other place and never come back. I realize this shows a huge need for a realignment of my thoughts and feelings. Lot’s of work to be done and I just don’t want to do it. Can’t I stay Daddy, don’t make me go home.


  2. Veronica Arnold

    Yesterday I began a new adventure–a severely restricted diet along with some new supplements to hopefully defeat the wild hives that have attacked me ever since Jerry’s knee replacement surgery on 12/8. I say adventure because this diet is accompanied by hope that the hives will go away permanently, and even more by the Father’s assurance that he has some awesome things to teach me along the way.

    Lesson #1: slow down. God has been speaking this to me for years. Hebrews 4:11 in the Amplified Bible has been my life verse for at least 30 years, and I always feel like I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of that intense command to enter His rest. Here’s the latest nugget, learned yesterday as I ran endless errands in heavy traffic on icy streets, wishing for nothing more than to be home so I could get something useful done. God said, “Hold on there just a minute. What you’re doing right now–you know, this thing you want to escape so you can do something useful?–this is the very work I have for you to do in this moment. Embrace it. See My hand in it. Watch for the miracle in it.” In other words, slow down. Live in the moment.

    Lesson #2: think about your food. Savor it. Be thankful for it. Notice the flavors. Look for what you CAN eat–don’t worry about what you CAN’T eat. My attitude toward food the last few years has been to get eating over with as fast as possible so I can get on to something important. Breakfast? Gulp down a fruit and veggie smoothie–all the nutrients are there, after all, and that’s what counts. Lunch? Zap some leftovers. Hungry between meals? Have some peanut butter fudge (delicious and even mostly healthy except for now). Supper? Whatever. Ok, so I can no longer have any dairy (including butter), no peanuts or cashews, no spinach, tomatoes, beets, peppers, eggs, or sugar. But there is homemade whole wheat bread with coconut oil, almond butter, and applesauce–yum! There is coconut candy made with shredded coconut, coconut oil, coconut sugar, and cocoa–fabulous!

    The bottom line of lesson #2? Slow down food wise and be thankful. Interesting!

    Lesson #3: gleaned from John 15 in the last couple months and super applicable now: Abide. Abiding in Him seems sort of like a do-nothing activity in light of all the goals and action plans the world says we need at all times. But when you think about it, abiding literally feeds the world. For every single vegetable, fruit, or legume that we eat, there is a branch that is abiding in the vine, letting its life force flow through it to produce fruit. That’s what He wants me to do. Abide in Him. Be connected to Him such that I do not strive to be or do anything, but simply let His life flow through me and produce fruit on my branch without me even thinking about it. That shouts to me of REST! Not inactivity, not passivity, but active rest. Listening, responding, obeying, and leaving the results entirely in His hands. Shutting my ears to the cries of my flesh that we must strive! We must do what feels good! We must stuff our face with whatever is at hand without thinking of the consequences! Rest. Abide. And watch the fruit come forth.

    I’m sure there are more great lessons to come, and I’m eager for every one of them.


    • Thank you for your comment. It is at times where, what we perceive to face as an adverse situation that we ask our eyes be opened to the treasures that are buried within, thus a whole new adventure and opportunity arise in the midst. Quite to the contrary rest is activity done from knowing whose we are. If we forget we begin to perform and Do in order to Be. But, resting in the fact that we are the beloved gives us opportunity to go about our days in quiet strength. When we begin to feel hurried we can look into His eyes and we find He’s not hurried or worried so why are we?


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