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An Adventurous Life!

Coming to the completion of a 4000 mile long journey with visits to 14 cities, I find words from Sir Ernest Shackleton inspiring.  Here is a small snippet of my collected thoughts as inspired by Mr. Shackleton.  May our adventures never end.  All of life is adventure.  Sometimes it requires us to step out, other times it is right in front of us waiting to be grasped, either way don’t miss it.


The memories of which we are rich, we grasped with open hand at glory.  At times, questioned and wrestled with doubt.  We grew bigger in the bigness of it all.  We saw God in grand amazement, experienced nature, heard it’s voice, and were taken in by such complexities.  We, we have seen the nakedness of our own souls and are the better off for it.

~ bryden wilson

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