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Unexpected Opportunity

Unexpected opportunity

Unexpected opportunity

This photo,  yes this one here inserted right into my post, taken while driving on a rainy highway.  It was well….completely unexpected.  Any seasoned photographer will tell you,  it is taboo to take pictures out of a car window while driving let alone while it is raining.   A professional amateur that I am I saw opportunity. I love this photo. I love the way it  turned out to not be what I expected and yet better than I expected.

I know life is full of the unexpected,  and adventure right on its heels.  And Opportunity I find is good friends with the unexpected.   When it is opportunity you embrace,  you can expect the unexpected.  Let this unexpected be opportunity,  yes opportunity that may lead to a perspective shift. And a perspective shift will embrace the unexpected.

Right smack dab where I find myself my life adventure rich with opportunity. Opportunity that has brought its friend the unexpected. And now I enter a perspective shift.  I must say this indeed is life, Life to the full.  Might that our opportunities make way for the unexpected and the unexpected for new perspective, and that we never put a period at the end.  That we never put a period at the end because friend,  there is so much more. We have only just begun instead how about a comma?

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