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The Light of Hope

The candle was lit,   you know the one that represents Hope.  The first candle of advent.  And there was light,   a light of Hope flickering for all to see.  Yes,  a candle that must be lit,   a way for us to see,  to really see that light it does pierce the darkness.  And Hope,   yes it comes into those dark places,  those torn places the broken, the battered places.  They become open places,  open places for the light to enter in.  And Hope, no longer becomes a word that just passes through my lips. Hope is a person.  Hope brings light and exposes the bitter broken places that need healing.

Hope, Hope has never left. Yes we are never left without Hope.  So we light the candle, we light the first candle of advent so we can see,  yes truly see that Hope is here and the light always prevails.

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