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It’s What You Do With Change That Counts


Thanksgiving?  Yeah,  I am not even sure of how my family and I will be spending Thanksgiving?  We are in the midst of major life change and the thing is….if you don’t lean into it,  you fight it.  From what I have found if you fight it,  then you begin to live in the past or a future in which may or may not be what you have imagined.    But, if you lean into change, yeah, it “feels” different,  but it can be opportunity in disguise.   Opportunity to  look on what you do have,  to look with new eyes.  Opportunity to grow…do something different.   And me,  I pass by the holiday displays in the stores and the shopping in full swing,  and this year I am looking with new eyes.  Although I will miss a traditional family gathering,  I lean into the change.  I want to grow with this.  It is tempting to think or dwell on what I don’t have,   but I want to exchange  that list of “don’t have’s”  for new opportunity.   The change,   I feel it.  I tremble at times,  but it is what I do with this that counts. I open my hands and let go of the “don’t have’s”  and lean hard into the opportunity inviting me in.    Speaking of counting, there are always good things,  blessings to be counted.  But you can count on change,  it will come.  When it does,  dare to lean into it.   Let it be an opportunity in your life.  Opportunity in disguise.  We can all stop counting what we don’t have and start counting what we do have.   Opportunity opens up and invites us in.

And really…the creator,   He holds it all together,   He’s not going to  leave me, you, us,  so we can all breathe even though we tremble, and lean into change.

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  1. jazook54

    This is very beautiful and thought provoking. I will take these words to prayer because my life has changed in ways I would not have ever imagined in the shortest amount of time…like a flash in the dark. “Lean in”, hmmmm. Gotta work that one out.


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