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Leave a Place Better Than You Found it!

While growing up there was a saying that my family had.  ” When you leave a place,  leave it better than you found it.”  This meant that if we stayed at someone’s home or,  even a hotel room,  we made a conscious effort to show our respect by leaving things clean.  We would tidy up a bit extra,  sweep a floor etc.   This is something I try to carry out in my life even today.  The thing is….we are leaving our imprint every where we go. The work of our own hands creates,  express, and has the ability to produce life for others.  Even when I am folding laundry,  I am praying that something as simple as folded laundry leaves an imprint of care and is felt by my family.   Words we speak,  conversations we engage in,  the place we stay,  we have impact.   We are by design,  able to bring *Life* into any place we go.  The utterances from our lips,  our attitudes,  and our actions, truly we curse or we bless.

I want to remember this.  I want to grow in this.  I want to enjoy and receive someone else’s efforts in their labors, something as simple as the grocery store clerk.  I want to leave her well….in a better place than I found her.  With my words, or my smile I can speak life, I can leave* Life*,  I can leave * Love*.    And just maybe I should throw a quarter in the hat for the street musician?   I know it takes practice and some days we just don’t feel “it”.  But,  just the act of smiling effects our own soul when we feel blue,  so it might just be worth it,  even if I’m not feeling it.  I might just need to head out the door and smile,  and leave my own Soul at times in a better place than I found it.


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  1. jazook54

    Yes even a smile can be self soul healing, and that is always better than we find it. Not being an evangelist, I try to spread that love and life by the way I treat those I meet. Admittedly on down days, I will often avoid others rather than spread a frown and yet am I being robbed of someone else bringing that love and life to me?
    Yes my dear girl, we can certainly be life giving, even with that quarter in the musicians hat. Leaving things better than we found it. 😉


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