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Ode to The Coffee Shop!

Ahhh, the coffee shop.  I need to give a shout out… an ode if you will,   to one of my places of home.   It’s not just the coffee. It’s stories being told,  ideas exchanged,  the friend who just needed to…talk. It’s the art on the walls, the aroma of comfort that bids me to breathe deep, to sit, to be,  even if for a moment.  But more than that, its music the musician sharing his or her art… their song.  It’s a place to explore a new sound.  And this all in one place.  A good great place indeed.  The weary, the tired come searching for liquid gold to fill their souls. The job seekers eagerly sending out resume’s, the student earphones in,  tuned into the beat of his own drum. The brew is poured out in a medley of ways, and the people come and go and the stories are told, and the music is played, and art is shared.  I am inspired by such a place where a kaleidoscope of life is played out.  The coffee shop!!

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  1. jazook54

    Ashamed to say we have resorted to drive thru coffee. The convenience, and then to quickly return to our safe place….home. We need to spend more time “in” the coffee shop and “out” of the house. One thing though, now when Dad goes to do errands it is such a sweet gesture when he return with a Breve just for me. Maybe the drive thru is worth it just for that 😉


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