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Learning to live ouside of my box!

The shepherd, if we are willing desires to lead us into the green pastures…the wide open spaces.  This,  is not safe to us.  I have realized on this journey how many boxes I have put myself in and lived out of.  Truly not living freely as I have the opportunity to.  I have had certain expectations of what things need to look like and yet when they don’t, I have grieved.   When I lay those down, and allow myself to be in the moment wide open to what the creator is doing around me,  a whole new scene opens up.  He is always at work creating and unfolding life around us.  There are no boxes.  We in our desire to keep things organized begin to create boxes to fit life into so that it is predictable,  safe.  At the very moment we begin to do this, we are not living in the wide open spaces,  the green pastures.  This very thing seems to leave us feeling exposed.

As one loved, I want to live in the green pastures where I can breathe deeply,  laugh,  run,  and feel the ground beneath my feet.    I must be willing to not dictate what this should look like, or where this will take me.  There is a bigger picture here,  of new faces we will meet,  new experiences we will enjoy with the work of our hands,  where what seemed ordinary,  becomes the extraordinary.  Where what I thought was truly living becomes redefined into “truly living”.  Where my interactions with people are not defined by the box I have put them in, or myself, but defined  by love.  Where I am inviting them into green pastures as well.  Enough of the boxes.  This I know won’t happen over night,  it is a process,  but I have taken the hand of the shepherd and we are walking away from the boxes.


  1. Katy

    I don’t imagine that I could use box cutters? You know, kind of a do-it-yourself project? OK, OK, trust–that’s the idea.


  2. Katy

    You know, Bryden, I’ve never thought about my being in a box. I have often thought about how we keep God in a box, but me??? As I have thought about it, the box that I am in is pretty comfortable. A comfy, cozy room with a nice overstuffed chair. There are even some windows so that I can look out. Of course I have put in some nicely colored window panes. They kind of distort my view, but I sort of like them. But putting in a door? You don’t know what could come in if you do that! Or what could happen if I were to, horrors of horrors, go out! I can see that I have some further thinking to do. What do you think Papa might like?


    • We create them more than we realize. And from someone who blew the top off of hers…It’s uncomfortable… scary, but necessary for growth in big ways. There will be more.


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