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Starting Now

Because you have to start right where you are.  I realized it was not an option for me anymore to use the phrase, “if I had this __________ (fill in the blank could be a skill,  or specific training),  then, oh yes, then I could really get going.  Just as fast as I was dreaming about all the things I would do if I only had________, I heard it loud and clear.  Albeit it was in a gentle way, No.  No more saying that.  At this moment you have what you need right where you are at.  The Creator spoke and I had to admit I needed those words.

Sometimes some us think we need a little more before we even get started,  and pretty soon,  well… we never get started.  So I sat down with blank page and in my mind I could see the running picture of different abilities, or skills I have acquired over the years just from living.   Actually I will admit it was a beautiful collage of life and adjustments and the tools I had learned to use in those times,  and quite possibly they might be useful for someone else.  And you have them too.  We tend to look “out there” and not often do we stop to take hold of,   and appreciate what we have to offer another right where we are.  As we go through the different circumstances of life we have the opportunity to explore and adopt new abilities and  new habits breathing Life into where we are.    When it comes to Home,   I feel pretty skilled,  but what do yo do with that when you have been living in others homes or motel rooms etc,  etc. for some time.?  You bring it right where you are,  with what you have on hand.  I ask God to open my eyes right where I am at and show me what I have on hand to bring life, and home right where  I am at.  If He is infinite,  He is infinitely creative,   and that means He has a lot of idea’s to share with me.  And…. He does.

So how about it?  Let’s live fully right where we are.  Let’s take notice of what we might have overlooked, we may see something completely different.  And just maybe we have something to offer another right where we are now, without further training.

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  1. Katy

    You have what you need right where you are at….I needed to hear that today ’cause I have been focusing on the ‘lacks’ lately. Thanks!

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