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In all honesty…

I love the start of a new month.  Turning the page on the calendar a fresh 30 days to enter into something new.   But in bare bones honesty,  I am also aware of what it is like to be in a place where your new 30 days, looks more like a long road ahead.  Where making it through one hour or even a whole day is an accomplishment.   I want to real, and honest.  I myself have experienced the depths of such things,  but I have also experienced entering into LIFE, peace,  joy, and hope, when everything around you would suggest otherwise.

For those of you who have been faithfully followed the last 31 days, you should know.  I have been living out of a suit case for four months, not had a permanent dwelling in that time, lived in motel rooms for multiple days,  cooked meals for my family in those motel rooms, and I have written this blog in the midst of it all. (at times in the car from my phone.)  I say all of this least you think I have some pie in the sky idea about life being all rosy.  Life is real and doubt can knock at the door,  and emotions are real and they are messy,  and that is okay.  We are not trying to live perfect lives.  We are learning to live lives as His creations.  Learning to live lives whereby our strength comes from something beyond ourselves.  We are learning to live lives where,  even though we tremble,  Jesus takes us by the hands and walks us through it all,  from the outside,  and from His living presence on the inside.  We are learning to live out of the reality of who we are,  not what our circumstances at times may try to tell us we are.  Our Creator is big and truly nothing is impossible to Him.  But more than anything He is relational.  We are learning to walk in relationship.  We are learning to walk out of our true reality.  Loved one’s in whom He will never leave or forsake.  We all need our vision expanded because….he is always showing us, and inviting us into a new perspective a new way to see and experience life.

I am excited for November.  So I start this first day of the month with open hands ready to receive from Father the next adventure.  Ready to learn more about Him ready to receive,  more of what He wants to show me about himself,  and maybe some fresh perspective?  Care to join?



  1. jazook54

    It is always so interesting, if that is the right word, how Father God uses our life experiences to continue to teach us and to draw us nearer. They do indeed often look bleak, but we trudge on, much like the first in line to break a path when on cross country skis. The snow is deep, not always fluffy powder, and holds a crust of sparkling ice crystals where beneath we find a path which seems at times to push back, preventing up from moving forward. We are determined, because we know the end result is a peaceful, quiet silence where we can find a log and sit for needed rest. Life is like that and in our trusting and faithfulness, we find a beautiful place and a small vision of growth and understanding. You will all come through this experience as different people , stronger and filled with a determination to continue on the path towards your log who is Jesus, where rest is found. And to add, a mom and dad who love you and pray for you all everyday, and sometimes our path to feeling ok with things looks almost the same.


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