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To be set free…

Let’s face it.  The lies we believe about ourselves have a way of tripping us up like a child whose shoelaces are untied.  It is when we begin to feel as though there are giants around us and we are ourselves the grasshoppers.   Have you ever entertained the lie,  ” I am not enough.”   that seems to follow on the heels of God is not enough.   If we are honest with ourselves we are entertaining that lie the minute we believe everything around us is bigger and closing in on us.  Fear and anxiety,  close in and pretty soon it seems as though Father – God is no where in sight.

 We need our Father who is our protector to bring His sword of truth to any lies we are believing.  We need Him to shine His light in our souls,  come into the darkness of the lie and exchange it for His truth.  We need set free from the lies that can trip us up.   As we begin to round out our 31 days of Prayer and Prose, let’s come to Him boldly and ask are there any lies we are believing right now.  Father,  bring your sword of truth to our souls,  and liberate us from any lies we might be believing.  Will you join me, and lets fly free.

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