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Wide open spaces

Really it all started with a Rumbling an uneasiness, an ache, a yearning for more. A yearning to uncover, to unearth life where it had been laid dormant in His creation. A yearning to join our hands with the Creator’s hands and push back the dead that cover up the life underneath. To push back those things that were in the way of life and light emerging forth. To take hold of and expose life… call it forth, nurture and cultivate it, and so the Creator invited us on a grand adventure.

This adventure starting with the leaving of all behind that was familiar to us.  Saying goodbye to friends, family, jobs, the comforts of home and a land we had lived in for over 25 years. We packed what we had not sold, Grabbed Gracie the dog and set out toward the east. So this really although the middle of the story is the beginning. The beginning of how a family of four dared to jump into outstretched arms in which were not visible to those around them. Arms calling them forth and beckoning them forward and a voice whispering I have more to show you, will you come and see?

There is more back story behind all of this and there were many aches and pains, arrows and darts thrown into our path. It took much courage and bravery to continue to step forward when the waves crashed in all around us.  Always Love was stronger and what a way to Know Love than to be introduced to your weakness.   Love led us forward and picked us up when we fell and scraped our knees and strengthened us.  And as time goes on I know the beautiful strands of those parts of our story will weave themselves into what has been put into to me to write. So I invite you into a glimpse of Life himself unveiling beautiful adventure in our lives.

Welcome to my blog, where I hope I can offer you a cup of fresh water for your soul. Where I sit at the kitchen table with you and share Life. And the Creator laughs, Loves and delights over us.


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